[POLL] Which Arcade1UP cabinet should I get?

This is not all of the cabinets! This only consists of the ones I have been considering getting. Please mind I only have room for one, so I’m trusting you guys with an intelligent decision.

The machines generally have more than one game, which is why more than one game will be on each choice. Just felt like I had to clarify.

Prices are rounded up. Tax and shipping not included.

  • Centipede & Missile Command Countercade + A Lot Of Particle Board (at least $150)
  • Asteroids, Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, & Defender ($199)
  • Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts And Goblins, & Strider ($200)
  • Rampage, Gauntlet, Joust, & Defender ($150 if I travel 16 miles, online $200)
  • Centipede, Missile Command, Crystal Castles, & Millipede ($???)

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i have a fair amount saved so I’m not flexing on y’all, I’m not rich unlike someone I used to know

you know i kinda wonder how hemoo is doing recently

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note: edited rampage option after glance at Walmart webpage, if you are one of the two people who voted you’re gonna need to revote

lol imagine taking advice

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As you can see above, I have bought the Rampage Arcade1UP machine. However, I’m receiving…a fair bit of money, let’s put it at that, a few months from now. As I only have room for 1 or 2 more, which should I get/save up for?

When it comes to the tabletop and wall-mounted releases, I have room for more of those than 1 or 2, so please keep that in mind before you vote. I’ve also added one of the Replicade releases that weren’t made by the Arcade1UP guys.

  • Centipede, Missile Command ($120, tabletop)
  • Final Fight, 1944, Ghosts & Goblins, Strider ($200, 3/4 scale)
  • Frogger, Time Pilot, Time Pilot '84 ($500, 3/4 scale)
  • Frogger, Time Pilot ($??, tabletop, not confirmed)
  • NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, NBA Hangtime ($500, 3/4 scale, 4-player)
  • Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo ($100, 1/6 scale)
  • 6 Different Versions Of Pac-Man For Some Godawful Reason, Galaga ($500, 3/4 scale)
  • Attack From Mars + 9 Other Games ($500, pinball)
  • Centipede, Missile Command ($???, wall-mounted, not confirmed)
  • Galaga, Galaxian ($200, 3/4 scale)

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If the “Not Confirmed” ones don’t come out, that’ll be my problem.

im waiting for berzerk to enter the polls

tell em to make berzerk then

i don’t care for the 6 versions of pac man but galaga is pretty good

Hi im good :grinning:

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The unexpected return of hemoo!



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what the fuck hemoo is back


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