Poll: What you think what is better, Messenger Reviver or Escargot?

People of MessengerGeek, what revival of Messenger is better, Messenger Reviver or Escargot?[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Escargot
  • Messenger Reviver
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Because it still exists?

This poll is to know which version was or is better

obvs MR because it supported every version, but then microsoft went “no messenger for you, l0l” and killed the last server.
because Escargot is a new server, it could grow better than msn.

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Arghh, yeah, i really pissed off when Messenger Reviver was closed, Microsoft really don’t love their users, Microsoft only loves the color green, because is money :expressionless:

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speaking of green, that Messenger 8 Beta


i wrong selection for vote. Escargot new and stable server. Needs WLM 8.x version or other best version.

(insert gogogengtysearchoff.gifgety.gif here)