Poll: What about an ICQ server?

There is currently a MSN Messenger server (this one), an AIM server and a Yahoo! Messenger server (which just got made). But what about an ICQ server? What are your thoughts on this?

  • Yes, I do like that idea.
  • Maybe, or I don’t know.
  • No, we don’t need an ICQ server.

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a server for the old icq ? i dont know the new is so good

AFAIK, the old versions of ICQ (7/6.5 and below?) don’t work with the official servers. Also, I prefer the old versions of ICQ.

maybe its a good idea

i use the new icq and i like but yeah the desing of the olders are better

older ICQ uses the same protocol as AIM.


I can see there are server software for ICQ already, like IServerd (requires an UNIX-like operating system and
the PostgreSQL server), the ICQ Groupware server, and gicqd.

Yeah, I’d actually like to see that. I’m a sucker for old programs and older versions of software. Especially IMs :stuck_out_tongue: (The current Skype for Win32 UI isn’t really my cup of tea, and the “modernized” versions of Skype for mobile devices and UWP are just bland. Also the new “Yahoo! Messenger” just reeks of broken and iMessage copycat). I would REALLY kill to try out some old ICQ, since the current ICQ seems to have gotten the Skype treatment.

BTW the Yahoo! Messenger server (the one by @Wildman_Fujiami) currently seems to be in beta testing from my understanding.

i really hated the new yahoo Messenger 8

Wow… is it a coincidence that most today’s IM clients are crap? The new Yahoo! Messenger is crap, to the point it doesn’t even show who has messaged you or who is online, and it even removed emoticons peopled loved, the new Skype uses god-knows-how-many system resources, and it’s new UI is crap and the new ICQ is becoming like the new Skype. The only good today’s IM clients that I can see currently out there is Discord and Telegram.

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Skype now is slow as hell !!!

Yeah. Good riddance, that I use Skype now very rarely.

The new Yahoo Messenger app looks like boring garbage trying to copy every other messaging client out there. The desktop version literally just takes you to the web version, so it’s really pointless. I’m really glad someone took the time to make a server for the old clients of it.

Skype now looks like garbage too on mobile devices, when it used to look nice with the blue clouds in the background.

I’ve never really used ICQ so I don’t know how good it is. Maybe I’ll have to make an account to try it out.

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You are going to require a phone number to use ICQ. Good luck trying to make an ICQ account if you don’t have a phone number, unless you use one of the receive SMS online services that works with ICQ (most don’t, I’ve tried).

icq now is a whatsapp clone , wait whatsapp is a clone of telegram

I think that’s the reason why I never used ICQ. Now I have a phone number, so I think I might download the program on my PC or the app on my phone and try it out.

Old ICQ still works just as fine, follow this [OBSOLETE] Select versions of old ICQ clients work! Here's how to get connected