Poll: What about a Old Yahoo! Messenger server?


how come my other contacts see me as offline when i am online?


really early development server code. many bugs… I have been focused on many different projects at once and the yahoo server is the lowest on the list. I really doubt i’ll be able to seriously run that and an AIM server 24/7, since AOL pulled the plug the user count has jumped up, and I have to focus on ironing out all the inefficiencies and unhandled exceptions.


since your focused on yahoo are u still gonna work on AIM


doesn’t the AIM server almost have everything now? (well not REALLY everything)


not all versions are available and not all features work


yes i know, but it’s functional enough to be used quite often, also… i think the yahoo server needs a bit of work, especially with the server crashes, and atleast the contact list bug, where you could only store ONE contact has been fixed.


For yahoo contact list bug

for example: lets say you add 4 people but after you add person #2 person #1 is gone. Well that is until you restart the program where you can see all of the contacts which would be 4 instead of 1


not UNTIL you restart Y!M, but rather AFTER someone logs on, fixed the single slot problem instantly


server updated… might fix…


it has almost everything, BUT, users growing means server load. if its almost fully loaded, wait until next day or week.


How do I create an account for your Yahoo! Messenger server?


Unfortunately, @Wildman_Fujiami shut down the server a while ago, most likely due to its unusability at the time (contact management was off, messaging at one point was nonexistent, etc.).

FYI, though, Escargot is being planned to host a Yahoo! Messenger frontend, so be on the lookout for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


there is an MSN server, other one wants to keep alive AIM, another one wants to revive the Yahoo.
I was thinking that would be a wonder to revive the eBuddy server, because this one joins all of this networks. think about it.