Poll: What about a Old skype server?

  • Yes
  • No

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Older skype clients dont work anymore, i kinda like them.

I feel that we might be going too far if someone wants to do an “older Skype clients” server. I never felt nostalgic for Skype, so for now, I prefer that the community focuses more on MSN, AOL, and Yahoo messengers.


honestly most of the voters hate skype because it killed MSN and WLM

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im talking about skype clients before microsoft took ownership

Why redo the old server if you normally know skype and our enemy and all that because of KazaA if we talk about Yahoo messenger or aol instant messenger or icq why not skype but I do not agree thank you

no one cares :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry, not interested in a classic Skype server.

Skype almost killed msn bro, so no one cares about

I don’t get why everyone’s so opinionated when it comes to suggestions involving Skype. Yes, the latest versions are sure as laggy as they could be (heck one time Skype randomly crashed on my computer), along with being a little tasteless. But Skype did not automatically somehow kill MSN Messenger. It was Microsoft and their cruddy business decisions that led to MSN’s eventual death in 2013. Besides, Microsoft actually bought Skype two years before, in 2011, when MSN Messenger was still actively maintained.

I won’t fully go on with this, but I’d like to see it’s progress and maybe even see if we can revive Skype clients pre-Microsoft. You know, an experimental sort of thing. :slight_smile:

i care about it because skype is a good IM. BUT M$ BROKE IT WITH SKYPE 8
well at least skype 7 still works

Uh. Skype used to be good, just saying. The issue with emulation of Skype is the lack of documentation. Nobody’s going to stop you if you find some. :eyes:


:eye: :lips: :eye:

FINALLY! Someone with decency. :smiley:


everyone is just


but Skype is good

Finally a user who talks decently :slight_smile:

Pool closed, everyone hates skype

Welp, I don’t know what to tell you. Wish people were less biased. :confused:

I’m nostalgic for both pre-Microsoft Skype and MSN/WLM and it’s a shame that some people can be so biased… :confused:

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