Poll: What about a AOL Instant Messenger server?


We have right now MSN Messenger thanks to Valtron, but what about AIM? i know that, MSN Messenger kicks the ass of AIM, but some nostalgiafag can remember AIM, if a AIM server is created, will call it: WOL Instant Messenger, (WOL for World Online, because not only the American continent uses AIM)

Vote here:

  • Yes, i want AIM back
  • No, MSN Messenger is better and AIM could be only a waste of time and money

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Am I the only one who would like it?


You’re opinating, that’s the point of this poll :wink:


Guys AOL discontinued??? i didnt know that lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s better not to want AIM back now because MSN support is still in development (we do not have all the supported versions). To THINK of wanting AIM back, you need all versions of MSN running first


Escargotians OnLine, lol


EOL Instant Messenger (EIM)… Does anyone else would like that name? xD


What representates the E? Earth Online??


its right above, i replyed to WOL.


The E means ‘‘Escargot’’?


that. (The 15 character minimum is annoying sometimes)


But there’s a problem, The EOL name is used


all i got was End-Of-Life.


that. (The 15 character minimum is annoying )


EOL Instant Messenger is a visual novel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHfSGJEQzZM


its from Emliy is Away, that name was used to prevent copyright claims from AOL.


But everybody will be confused


i don’t care anymore, i have never have used AIM.
(or any messenger/IM Client before 2017.)

(Virgin can Die, i got a new router, and i got “can’t connect to Primary DNS” 5 times since thursday (when we got the new router), i have to wait 7 mins for it to resolve)

(swtiched DNS to OpenDNS, people say its better.)


AiM is still an active service. so at your own risk clone the server they have running now.
AiM and all of it’s software is owned by American phone and internet provider Verizon right now.


I’m going to assume that this thing, if it were real, would only emulate the old OSCAR protocol.

While I had never grown up with AIM, that might be a good idea.