Poll: Saddest death in the MessengerGeek anime?

all these people were banned unless I say otherwise

  • Androso911
  • BabyMCSheep
  • EpicTaco (leaves and reappears n+1 times)
  • GreenStar/InformaticStar
  • Leo_Historias
  • Maxime
  • mine_master
  • OhHelloThereImTheGuy (insider source says he leaves after the release of 2009)
  • sswag/water (left the forum)
  • valtron (left the forum)

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wait is @OhHelloThereImTheGuy going to leave after the release of wlm 2009?!

i think

I should probably clarify the me leaving part. I remember saying (probably on the Discord? Or if not, I was probably thinking to myself) that I’d leave by the time WLM 2009 support is officially out. That’s because for the time being, my only reason for posting and going on my account here is to update people on WLM 2009 matters and the occasional post to someone’s help thread. When WLM 2009 support is said and done (and out), then I’ll stop going on my account and stop posting entirely. It has nothing to do with WLM 2009 itself. :slight_smile:

BTW @appledoo can you at least privately tell me where you got that info about me leaving from because I can’t seem to find what you’re talking about specifically yet and I hope it’s not some person telling off something I told them privately lol.

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i didn’t

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Oh. Well you did a good job predicting anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: I vaguely remember me saying (or thinking? Don’t remember) something about me leaving after WLM '09 support is out, and I wanted to know if it was from there or a joke. I apologize for any inconveniences from me asking this lol.


Nooooooo don’t leave us please :frowning: :hearts:

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i would rather still have you around for updates, predictions are not nice and we like asking questions related to progress, not only on 2009, maybe other protocols and programs

but… :sob:

I just want to leave the community as a public figure and from the forum. I won’t stop developing for Escargot anytime soon. I know people really depend on me for Escargot-related news, but the News section on the Escargot site exists for that anyway.

I understand that, and that would suck to have no consistent updates on a project that doesn’t have enough dedicated people working on it right now, but again, the News section on the Escargot site exists and at least valtron can manage rolling out updates for those when he can. Also, maybe I’ll come back to post updates on WLM 2011/2012 support, albeit in less descriptive detail, since I know that’s a big deal for some people (the end of new MSN version support for Escargot, nostalgia, the amount of hurdles needed to be jumped over to patch it, etc.), and I’ll definitely update people about Yahoo! support coming out (which should be around the same time WLM '09 support is out). However, there aren’t any promises with the first one. Regardless, after those I’ll be done with being active here and in the community. Announcements and updates for new frontends will be on the Escargot site, and for technical updates there’s always the GitLab’s issue tracker if you can understand all the developer lingo we throw there. :stuck_out_tongue:

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