Poll: How many people uses Windows Live Messenger with Escargot now?

I made this poll to see how many people uses WLM

  • I use WLM
  • I don’t use it

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If anyone wants to contact me, add me in Escargot: urdanetaa19@gmail.com

wlm is Suck i cant run at windows 7

what’s the problem?

the Probelm its a windows at a error cant fix the Error
The wlm 8.1 is not compatible with Windows 7

Is compatible yes.

Yeah but my windows is not compatible is a error

Which error?

my windows 7 is not compatible with wlm 8.1

I’m referring to the error, what appears when you try to install it / log on…

wlm 8.1 dont open
Will you fix it

Did you try to open which version? The English or Portuguese version?
You need to have MSN 7.5 or lower uninstalled.

portuguese version

for me its old msn support

i use WLM 8.1 and I have no problems

8.1. Portuguese Version.
I only 1.0 to 7.0

You cried everywhere because “You wanted WLM so bad”… and now you say it sucks.






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There are still some personal things of mine that indirectly results in me not being able to get to my main Windows system (Windows 10 with a bunch of mostly Linux VMs) but I am planning to set up a Windows Vista VM (or find a PC that shipped with it back in the day) so I can try it out.

wlm is out

I have windows 7 and I can run wlm without problems

add me vinidasilv@outlook.com