Poll: Do You Want MySpaceIM Back

just curious what about getting my space to work on escargot. myspace was popular and came out around the time msn messenger and Aim. This is just a suggestion so dont go all crazy. And I thought because you all want yahoo and aim back you might consider myspaceIM back as well.[poll type=regular public=true]

  • Yes i would like myspaceIM
  • No i do not want myspaceIM back


i said myspaceIM not spaces website we dont need a website we can just use a IM for myspace they are 2 similar things but different

this is the MyspaceIM download link

this says without skype but it will not install

I have another link on this post but it installs myspaceIM with skype but it does install

This can be done, but in the future. We’ve already been able to revive MSN/WLM and AIM (and it looks like Yahoo! Messenger is coming). We need to first make Escargot support all versions of Messenger, since giving support to a messenger is not easy at all.

like i already said its a suggestion

I know.

i was only saying myspace was the popular thing around the time msn messenger came out so its nostalgia like msn messenger

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Remember my development team suggestion… ._.

tried installing MySpaceIM but it gave me a error and would not install. Maybe it has to do with the myspaceIM servers no longer working

This is the new download link the old one the client it provided did not install

when i try to logon it does not give me a error but it will freeze like 2 minutes after hitting sign on

Take in the fun :v

there is a issue the old myspaceIM servers had the download files and installed them on to the client when installing myspaceIM. but the servers are gone and we dont have the download files.

:worried: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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This is what it was supposed to do. >>> download files from the server in order to install the actual software of myspace im. here is two screenshots about why it doesn’t install.

It looks for files on the server and then when failed. it keeps trying until that message below appears in failure to retrieve the files from the server.

this message indicates that the servers are down and there is no retrieving them without it being online. i bet if we edit the installer to tell it don’t need those files, we probably can install it after the edit.

does it matter if it includes skype? i mean your not using skype itself but its combined with myspaceIM


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well it doesnt matter who votes yes or no it matters which vote we have more of

well this is now a dead forum