Poll: AIM got revived, do you use it?

  • Yes, i use it
  • No, i don’t use it

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Also, put your screennames so i can add you in iwarg.ddns.net/aim

your not online, why?

Yes i do. Its Quite cool, The Username is dammit.

how i register? @Deathlife23

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Would be nice if you could explain how people can register and/or how to do this.


for some reason, AIM slows down my pc, so I don’t use it very often

Try Pidgin. It’s what I use on Ubuntu. (there’s a Windows version too) As of right now it still supports AIM; just follow the instructions on the AIM Phoenix site to set it up.

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i’m working on another solution for the nostalgia hungry peeps that insist on using the old client.

my screenname is perry

when will AIM 1.0 be available for download i wanna use it

My username is Animacreep

Since your a vidlii member, i like your knuckles remix im quacky

5.1 crashed Windows 10, on my partner’s PC. I think it’s worth avoiding for now unless you can debug things yourself etc.

I might use it sometimes. Same name as my forum username here. :slight_smile:

yes , my name is PPzudo

my username is CrabHead

screenname is xsychoreese

My screen name is Duki

Where can I download it?


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