Poll: AIM got revived, do you use it?

  • Yes, i use it
  • No, i don’t use it

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Also, put your screennames so i can add you in iwarg.ddns.net/aim


Username is SgtArchDornan.


your not online, why?


Yes i do. Its Quite cool, The Username is dammit.


how i register? @Deathlife23


Would be nice if you could explain how people can register and/or how to do this.




i’m maxymax13 on there, and i use it!


for some reason, AIM slows down my pc, so I don’t use it very often


Try Pidgin. It’s what I use on Ubuntu. (there’s a Windows version too) As of right now it still supports AIM; just follow the instructions on the AIM Phoenix site to set it up.


i’m working on another solution for the nostalgia hungry peeps that insist on using the old client.


my screenname is perry


when will AIM 1.0 be available for download i wanna use it


My username is Animacreep


Since your a vidlii member, i like your knuckles remix im quacky


5.1 crashed Windows 10, on my partner’s PC. I think it’s worth avoiding for now unless you can debug things yourself etc.

I might use it sometimes. Same name as my forum username here. :slight_smile:


yes , my name is PPzudo


my username is CrabHead


screenname is xsychoreese


My screen name is Duki