Poisson Revived - Lost for 10 years, back again!

Poisson Revived !

Poisson Revived is a complete revival of Poisson. An early Prototype of Transformice which has been lost since 2011 but recently found by Taikohhh and iPedroLB (Me).

You can play it right now by clicking this link → https://play.poissonrevived.xyz


Poisson was a prototype from 2009-2010, for what eventually became Transformice. Which was very successful and is still active today.

From the Atelier 801 Wiki:

Poisson (French for “Fish”) was a predecessor to Aaaah! posted on Extinction, with mechanics similar to Transformice in terms of gameplay and objects. It was only online for a few months until Transformice was released. Instead of mice looking for cheese, in Poisson there were fish trying to get back into a water bowl.


Poisson was lost for 10 years, and there are alot of people who want to play it today. The latest Gameplay footage we have of Poisson on YouTube is from 2011. And i saw that there are alot of people who want to play it. (Both on the Atelier 801 Forums and even on the Transformice chat sometimes!)

Will you release the source code?

TL;DR: Not at the moment.

We know that there are alot of clout chasers on the TFM community who puts malware, no credits, and alot of shit on standalone clients, pirated servers and alot more.
We do plan to release the source code as soon as we get recognition.
No one else on the internet, not even the developers themselves, have the source code for this, and we know people will try to steal it.

How did you find this?

In Late-2021, Taikohhh and iPedroLB (Me) started a hunt for this, and we eventually found a bunch of SWF server packs on dead archived websites, and we just combined everything (Server, Client, etc) and tweaked some stuff to make a working Poisson Server.

After a year of searching for these, we managed to make a working Poisson server




if u werent harassed to oblivion in 2017 like i was in 2018 then maybe you’d have a point

context edit: me and leo were arguing when i released this in march, since he didnt believe me and a friend had source code that was lost for 10 years, because i lied about some shitty python server 5 years ago (escargot)