Please launch the 2009 version of Messenger
(Porfavor lança a versão 2009 do Messenger.)



It’s not that easy, mind you. You people think waving with a “magical” stick your beloved WLM 2009 will go and work like it was 10 years ago… Jeez how inpatient you people are nowadays


you have to wait, inpatient person.

Soon enough, since now the support for it server side is finished, now it’s more a matter to patch the clients and distribute them. which shouldn’t take that long. and as the others said PLEASE WAIT AND BE PATIENT

just wait a while or something :^/

Spanish: Ay, por favor sea paciente estan en eso
English: Oh, please be patient are in it

At this point on, '09 support will be in Late-Summer or Early-Fall/Autumn.

As much as I don’t like beggers as the next person, the major part of WLM 2009 support is done. The rest should be smooth sailing, and its more of trying to get valtron involved with the rest of the stages. Frankly I believe the beggers can be left alone now to say the very least.