Please Read This

I understand some people might thought why i made the server… easy
The server was suppose to be for people that wanted to test it or experience it.
i never wanted to take escargot members away from their server
i never wanted to make any profit of it
second(i did not made the donation channel someone else did)
also i feel like everyone is being mad at me for just a darn server.(there are other stuff you should complain about) i have the freedom to do what ever i want.(and no i don’t make any profit i make profit of any other content) some people are just over reacting for some shit that has been like week’s ago.(and yes the server is deleted correct) but that doesn’t mean that im gonna fuck my life up cause of some darn escargot developers+some members(im not gonna mention since i care about their privacy.) please understand that i made it for people that wanted to try it and communicate on 2009(not for profit) also if escargot is not happy with people making their own local sever (then why do you post the source code? little bit stupid huh?) anyway as i said i hope some people can understand what i’m trying to say i’m free to answer any question’s
also a huge thank to the people that we’re for me and understand what is the big issue.
Merci! <3

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no we not angry at you for creating the server we are angry at you for lying to us


i highly understand this.
and i wanna apologize for it.
of course there have been some lies and like everyone say’s shit happens.
how ever(i hope you guys understand that it was suppose to be for people that wanted to try it out i did not wanted to make any profit)


I never used the server but i still prefer for Escargot to add WLM 2009 and 2011 support


Patrik got WLM 2011 to work in the WLM 2009 server

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yes but the problem with patrik is he don’t even know how to configure one he only knows with vpn and i made a server once without vpn.

about patrik though he have not been online for a while

Hello, renember me?,if you do i apologize you for lying to us. & also escargot is under license when i got wlm 2009 to work in your server i entered in a new world if you could make or reopen your server that would be fine :slight_smile:


Does patrik have a discord server? if yes give me invite.

sorry but i’m not starting to make a server.

i don’t talk to him.

So,new server i guess?

no. i’m not gonna create a server. because i don’t want kids again that gonna text me stuff ya know xD

i already had once that they sended me message with my phone number or through icloud and i don’t want it to happen again.(i don’t know or i even am allowed to go back to the escargot community) it really depends on walkingphasers.

Yea i know so dont create a server

i won’t.

i would do that yeah i’m not quiet sure or escargot is ever gonna add support to it but that’s my opinon.