Please help-me

não sei o que deu… meu msn entrou quando saiu dnv ficou dando essa msg… alguem me ajuda?

if this translates to “can’t connect to escargot, using 8.x”
use Messenger Classic.

Regardless of what you’re using to connect, I’d like you to take a look at this. Might help you understand the situation more. :slight_smile:

O Messenger está temporariamente fora do ar.

no! this mensage say ``your entry in windows live messenger can not be performed because windows live messenger ID or password does not exist or is incorrect´´ being that I leave both the saved email and the password and I enter every day

aka: can’t connect to escargot (on 8.1/8.5).

use a older version of messenger, like Messenger 4.

oohhh now i´m understand

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