Please help me

There are two guys who are using a photo of me as a profile photo on msn, what can I do about it?

Did they take a picture of your real face or your profile picture? Just want some clarification so that I don’t jump to conclusions.

real face

You’d better deal with them. Especially if they’re trying to masquerade as you and fool people. If that isn’t enough, try and get in contact with @TReKiE to get him to fix the situation. He seems like a person who could deal with things like these.

ok , i will try

For now, you’re going to have to wait until those accounts get online.

Thing that’s confusing is, HOW did they get your face? Are they real-life friends or something? Are they random strangers that just like to fool people? :confused:

they took this picture of my orkut (

finally they took my picture

That’s good to hear. :slight_smile:

Mat, you speak Spanish or English?

i am not matt , matt stole my photo

Oh… why?

he is stupid


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