Please help changing the ad window in 2009

Thank you so much!!! but there is another problem for me, and it’s the size of this ad. Check it out, it doesn’t appear to be ok

It looks like this now:

Windows Live Messenger 20_11_2020 17_08_51

Weird. It’s ok for me:

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Yeah, and once you said that, I just realized i had outdated version (5.1.7), and then immediately updated to new version (5.1.8). The only thing that fooled me was that it said on the setup title “Resource Hacker 5.1.7” and then once i finished setup and checked about dialog box, i then realized i had latest version 5.1.8.

oh nice i see my self :stuck_out_tongue:

also make sure to close windows live messenger it self :stuck_out_tongue:

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