Please help changing the ad window in 2009

What did you have in mind exactly? I assume you mean more than just changing the image in the DLL.

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Will we get custom ads working on this server, that’s what I mean.

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You’re the best, Jonathan! thank you


Yeah thank you x1000 bro ! You’re always there when we need you :smiley:


Nice, I just tried right now and I saw it! Thanks for telling us how! I, at first, thought it was in the PNGs or the BMPs without telling us that.

As to the OP: Didn’t expect you to get the styled WLM 2009 ad pic but thanks anyway.

Yes, that’s veeeeery true.


Thanks, I really appreciate it and I try my best :slight_smile:.
That said, I wouldn’t have any reason to bother if you weren’t here, so you can thank yourselves too :slight_smile:

Also, when I was making this for Francis, I compared it to the 2012 version of the ad window, which is slightly different:

So here’s another version of msgsres.dll with that one.


You’re welcome, and I appreciate the best work.

Ok, if you say so.

Yeah, it’s beautiful, except there’s no windows icon, but i love both, the 1st one is my favorite, but i still love both pics. Thanks for providing this really. I love it.


its just showing blank

The size is correct, but the display seems to be broken in that version of Resource Hacker.

The author has put up a new version to fix the issue.


A version without extra text or images, so you can easily add what you want:


Nice image trekie, thanks for providing the source we wanted


Speaking of ad window, do you know the location where are display pictures of WLM 2009 stored in? Bc I forgot. And thank you in advance.

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The DPs are stored in a UserTile folder in AppData. To get there quickly, in any Windows version, press  Windows Key R (Windows Key and R) on the keyboard to bring up the Run box.

Then copy and paste %appdata%\..\Local\Microsoft\Messenger into the box and choose the OK button. In the Messenger folder that appears, choose the folder corresponding to your Messenger e-mail address, then choose ObjectStore and then finally the UserTile folder.

Within UserTile, you’ll see id2 and dt2 files. The actual images are the dt2 files. You can drag and drop these into a browser window to quickly find the one you’re looking for.


I reported the bug to the Resource Hacker developer earlier, and he’s already put up a fixed version. Pretty cool guy :slight_smile:


what does this mean?

Cool, also where’s the default display picture located?
EDIT: Nvm, after a little researching on RH 5.1.8, I found it. It’s on 4000 > 582.

Thank you so much!!! but there is another problem for me, and it’s the size of this ad. Check it out, it doesn’t appear to be ok

It looks like this now:

Windows Live Messenger 20_11_2020 17_08_51

Weird. It’s ok for me:

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Yeah, and once you said that, I just realized i had outdated version (5.1.7), and then immediately updated to new version (5.1.8). The only thing that fooled me was that it said on the setup title “Resource Hacker 5.1.7” and then once i finished setup and checked about dialog box, i then realized i had latest version 5.1.8.

oh nice i see my self :stuck_out_tongue: