Plans For wlm 2009


WLM 2009 is Comming you have plans?


No, it isn’t coming.


You’re 10 years old, that means that when WLM was launched, you were 2 years old. WTF why do you want it so bad?


for me when wlm launched im 10 years old!


i am waiting for wlm 2012 because its the only i used with the original sever




yes But i will make plans Now:
The plans When replace WLM 2012 server valtron can see it
1.contacts Does not transferred Over to escargot like from wlm 8.1
3.Could transfer Over to escargot The contacts When you arent In wlm 8.1


but escargot dont support the wlm 2012 so i will wait


yes wait it and comming soon will revive the old version of Yahoo messenger


will MSN 9 be out this year or early next year?


This is unpredictable. I believe @valtron will not be able to support WLM 2009 later this year as many things in WLM 14 have been lost.


Yeah. Make a plans For wlm 2009


it has to resuscitate the windows live messenger 9 and this will take a lot of time and if it succeeds in case. I think he’s going to jump to another version!