Plan to beat (insert)


we need to focus on:

divulging into big social media sites
relying on the community ideas
improving security

lets make it smaller, didri (^)

didri>more people>people invite their friends> more people> beat (insert), bringing more users to escargot.(?)


note that bringing more users could also bring more problems, such as:

people spamming on forums
adult content on messenger


skype is techniclly dead


well it is? then discord


I think as much as we want it to succeed on this level, we first need to focus on getting everything working at a level close too 100%, and then maybe we can focus on branding and getting the word out and what-not. However seeing as there multiple versions of MSN Messenger that offer differing opinions on what version are the public’s favourite, it will also be hard to push out a single version of MSN that we can forward to social media sites and advertise. Also, in terms of the future, I would like to see what we can do to build on top of the MSN clients, and further develop the program than what Microsoft already did. We saw this with the Escargot spaces, and hopefully once every single version of MSN is patched, we can choose a single one to develop and build further on. But right now, let’s focus on getting everything working and stable :slight_smile:


i agree with you, also we need an slogan, like “keeping the connection” or “people have the power” etc


I think I saw “continuing the conversation” on the forums once. I like that slogan.


I recall several times pleading with Messenger’s program managers to enhance the group experience in Messenger, including adding multi-person audio. At the time, the example scenario was for WoW players doing raids and to position Messenger to beat TeamSpeak. Of course none of that happened, but it’s exactly what Discord is about - multi-person chat and audio, being a replacement for IRC, TeamSpeak/Ventrillo and Skype, all at the same time.

The unfortunate point being, Messenger is just instant messaging, it doesn’t have the functionality that those using Discord expect, nor can such functionality be added without some sort of extra third-party software. If you use Discord and Messenger, you’ll just use both separately.

I like this too :stuck_out_tongue:


@TReKiE maybe when wlm2012 is supported and we know the discord API could developers make some link api so we can link the 2 platforms (just a thought)


That may not be possible as different Discord servers has different channels for different topics of conversation.

Maybe for person-to-person chat, but not for groups
(Then again - I’m not a developer so don’t quote me on this :P)


well, if we have to choose one, lets wait some months (years, maybe) and focus on wlm 2012.