Phoenix Desktop is here and it's surely something

How did you manage to sign up?

I know you didn’t ask me this question but, just sign up as normally for Phoenix

Or you can use your pre-existing AIM Phoenix account to sign in

Also, is aim built in, if so, wheres the buddy list
EDIT: and within 5 seconds i find preferences and enable it

Open “My AOL” and then press “Buddy List”
It’ll probably take a few seconds to load.

I figured it out about 1 second after posting lol.


i think Phoenix Desktop kinda works with AOL Desktop
some modifications might be required though lol

edit: nope it doesn’t work

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i wonder if we mix both of these. glossy finished nostalgic running man

i think im gonna do that sometime

reminds me of this ad i discovered a while ago


so it will be more hard now lol

Wildman, when opensource?

ReViEw Of PhOeNiX dEsKtOp

  1. Installer is garbage. Overlapped text and installed does not check of “updater.exe” file. Otherise, why there are 2 files required to install? Can you just use launch parametrs? Why Phoenix Desktop does not have a offline installer?

  2. App is laggy every on Ryzen 5. I think app does not use multicore advantages. There is no forms like “Loading”, app just freezes. And everything is slow. Perhaps the author wanted to imitate old computers with dial-up modems, but it’s better to process requests quickly.

  3. What’s wrong with pictures? There is no animations on buttons, that’s weird
    image - With saturation

  4. Browser. There is Chromium. I dislike chromium, but it is good opinion instead of using IE. I really like this

Total: This app does needs improvments every on simple details. But Wildman does orientates on backend, so i think gui part is hard for him, i’d like if Wildman accept me as frontend developer (i programming on c# tho :wink:)


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1- Ok, so, this is recreation of 4.0 AOL Desktop from 1999 that came on windows 98SE, but… 2 files to install?

2-The login is really fast, but atleast is better…

3-Wheres “You’ve got mail!”? Just Kidding (Jokes Apart)… heheh. Atleast have sounds

4-You can use AIM Phoenix screen name, like it would on AOL to AIM

5- This icon is a… Horrible! Looks like… Screw this, and looks like made in paint

6-This is not lightweight to be old app kernel, maybe make support

7-Weather never downloads… And maybe will be not released on Brazillia weather

8-To be beta, is rare get a download, even, need to be específic, like, you need to go to: (Soon)

9- Not so much users (If is beta, screw this)

10- image Welcome! You’ve not supposed to got mail! (J.K, but, screw this if solved)

11-AIM built in… Ok

12-* C . H . A . N . N . E . L . S * image

13- Chromium 69, this is “old”, try with 72 or 75

14- This is only contrustive critic, i’m not saying that is bad, but the errors i’ve experienced for, And, in the next update, was better make updates related to channels and/or mail first

I am about to achieve comedy. joe mama

it needs to either be Ungoogled Chromium or.any other browser like Firefox instead of this piece of hot garbage

“needs” Whats wrong with it that makes it need a different browser?

Ungoogled chromium will be good, because the web built in not supports extensions

it gives me acess denied to load some weird .ini file i believe

when i log in