Phantom-IM: The long awaited MySpaceIM revival

MySpaceIM: Revived

Note: I will not provide support for self-hosting this service unless its for contribution purposes
Also I didn’t know where else to put this post, since there’s no MySpaceIM category or something similar

It finally happened, MySpaceIM has finally been revived and is almost ready (and its open source too, proudly written in Golang!)

Closed Alpha

If you would like to participate in the closed alpha of Phantom-IM, join the Discord (linked below) and open a ticket with an application to apply for Closed Alpha.
We’re also currently looking for moderators, you may also open a ticket for that if you’d like to apply

State of the project

So what’s missing and where can I help?

First up you can check out the github repo linked below in case you’d like to contribute or point out issues to us.
Secondly, be sure to join our Discord (linked below) for the latest news and updates!
Lastly, all current problems or missing features with MySpaceIM are listed on our pinned issue that can be found below in the Repo

Closing Notes

Also if anyone here has experience with YMSG or MSNP, please contact us on Discord (linked below) as we would really like to also implement those protocols into our service

And just to clarify, we do not intend to drive people away from Escargot or Phoenix by offering MSN and Yahoo aswell as other protocols in the future, I’m simply just interest in these old protocols and want to build a server myself for the fun of it and to learn


GitHub Repo


Yes! I’ve been waiting for this!

What was MySpace IM?

instant messaging version of MySpace

That something… But link to discord is dead.