"Personalized Emoticons" for Skype announced

But, it’s not custom emoticons…


better explained at:

You can’t actually add your own emoticons, or even change up things (say, switching a smile for a tongue), it’s just swapping out one for another one of the same type.

For example:

The “smile” can only be switched to another smile, like this new monkey smile or the dog smile, and will send that emoticon accordingly. So the smile emoticon in the panel will show the new one, and instead of sending (smile), it will send (smilemonkey) or (smiledog).

Additionally, it only affects when you bring up the emoticon panel and actually press an emoticon, it doesn’t affect typing the smiley, ie.:).

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Interesting concept, however Skype 8 doesn’t seem to be liked by a lot of people.

Sounds like advertising bait.

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Is it me or the Koala looks like that Koala from that one movie everyone forgot about that was released in 2016 called Sing?

And nobody even gives a fuck about those! They just want to keep their good old classic Skype versions!