Patch for XP to get more than 4GB of ram

hello everybody

i search patch is work with xp home/pro for 32bit
i want get my 8gb ram in 32bit

with patch 100% real and no bug(stable)

There is no “stable” as of now.
There are 3 “official” patches but they are not usable becasue MS updated the kernel so sorry…

not get more 4gb with xp sp3 ?

maybe install server 2003 32 bit and use update posready ?

its impossible, due to the limitations of 32 bit, you are either off with XP x64 (which has poor driver support) or a newer operating system.

XP 64 isn’t good. So does Server 2003 Enterprise 64 bit.


but xp x64 not work with last update posready 2009 only x86

server 2003 is work in 64gb ram in x86 with pae?

server 2003 is work with update posready or not?

why the fuck you care about the POSReady trick,its not going to work on server 2003.Apply some tweaks and install avast or other av and your fine

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Because update windows is better for security

And with posready update wlm 8.5 work

XP users who use WLM 8.5 use the 32-bit version as there’s no 64-bit version of any WLM version as far as i know.

Windows will never be 100% secure EVER

I know not version wlm for x64
Lol you not read
I want have xp based with more 4gb ram or version x64 is working with tricks posready for use msn 8.5
Ok now?

Get PROXHTTPSProxy from msfn and your WLM 8.5 will work on XP x64 AND it will be sucure because of the updates protocol that the proxy gives

But xp x64 have only sp2
Not sp3 for x64

And,problem with that? SP2 for xp x64 is still fairly decent and most of the program support it :stuck_out_tongue:

use templeOS or FreeBSD for best security :stuck_out_tongue:

POSReady trick will not going to work with Server 2003/XP x64, It’s because it’s based on Windows NT 5.2
POSReady was NT 5.1 (The same one XP x86/32-bit use)
You can’t get updates like this.