Pas de notification sonore----No notification sound

je viens d’installer messenger reviver mais je n’ai pas de notification sonore et visuel quand je reçois un e-mail
windows 8.1
I just installed messenger reviver but I have no sound or visual notification and when I get an e-mail
windows 8.1

j’ai du supprimer messenger car il m’était impossible d’arrêter mon pc malgré que j’étais déconnecter et que j’avais fermer msnmsgr,dans le processus il était toujours actif et impossible de l’arrêter via (fin de tache) mais de toute façon j’ai vus que Microsoft avais arrête définitivement messenger début mars et ce serais a cause de cela que les notification ne fonctionne plus (dommage!)

Hello I have the remove messenger because I was unable to stop my pc although I was disconnect and I had close msnmsgr in the process it was still active, and impossible to stop it via (end task) but anyway I’ve seen that Microsoft had finally adopts messenger in early March and it would be because of this that the notification works more (too bad!)

The problem where msnmsgr won’t exit isn’t a new problem (even early versions like Windows Messenger 4.x were prone to this). There’s lots of possibilities if that keeps happening to you.

But yeah, the feature is removed so if one is planning using Messenger exclusively for that purpose, there’s really no reason to install it. Howard email notifier is a decent replacement.

Also, thanks for the translation, it was helpful :slight_smile:

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why after 5 YEARS

if you install windows live mail beta (the download is somewhere on the fourm) you should get email notifications

This was 5 years ago… People should really learn how to read the creation date.

Also shouldn’t this thread be back in the realm of Reviver by now?

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yeah. i wonder if they still needed help

What applies to Escargot doesn’t really apply to old Messenger Reviver support threads.


the ultimate bump also why