Outlook=Hotmail (?)

I dug up an old APK of the official Hotmail app for Android and found that it connected to my Outlook account just fine.
Could this indicate that despite Microsoft’s idea that it’s a different service, that it is in fact not?
See for yourself, here’s the last version of the Hotmail app that doesn’t nag you to migrate.
Hotmail-com.hotmail.Z7-280481206-v7. (2.5 MB)


Actually, Outlook.com IS Hotmail. Microsoft just rebranded it in 2013 to disassociate it and many other Microsoft products from the Live era, when Metro was the new black. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny how they would do that, even though literally nobody who used Hotmail knew what Windows Live was :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never knew the original Hotmail app looked so dull:

Never thought I would see this:

The Gingerbread era.

Well, that is Android 7. Wow, backwards-compatibility is an awesome thing.

Yes. It worked even on Android 8.1 (Lineage OS 15.1 Beta).

WOW. Simply WOW.

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this is not a WOW thing , old apps always worked in newers version of androids …

Yeah, I know but still… It feels like magic

yeah , this look like android jelly bean … memories

It works on my Android 60.1.

and it works in my android 4.4.2