Outlook express in Windows 7

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Download link please? :stuck_out_tongue: if u can :slight_smile:

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So this is what you were talking about…

its fully working :smiley:

omg yeah …

Damm son where did you get these email

youtube spamming my inbox

Yeah same here

I think oe 6 is the best choice in xp and older :stuck_out_tongue:

well windows xp came with oe 6 pre-installed so yes its a good choice , for the others …i dont know if windows 95 have outlook express ( maybe if you install ie 5.5 you can acess oe 5 idk ) but for 98 and ME oe 5 and oe 6 its very similar ( edit : yes , you can use OE 5 in windows 95 and 3.1 )

,95 is a nostalgia os for some people

for the people that used windows 95 as a kid for example , its a good OS

I never used 95 to me .i used xp

Someone have the French file for Outlook Express 6.0 ?

windows live mail 2009 is better for xp

Can you plese show a picture how it looks?

no, its just better.


its essentially the same actually

and the spam folder works with GMAIL