<<OUTDATED>> Something happened to Vidlii

This happened, someone did hack Vidlii, to that case the logo became brown and created random messages praising current moderator and hating on Allanbuzzy (Vidlii content creator). I think to that, Vidlii has been hacked!

UPDATE #1: Message mysteriously disappeared.
UPDATE #2: Message is at the bottom of the footer.
UPDATE #3: Fattyman also forced the Numix theme onto everyone.

The vidlii server computer was hacked? Maybe idk im on vidlii too and the logo is not normal its brown :frowning: f#~k you damm you hacker! That hacker is bad! (Or maybe its an easter egg idk) im new to vidlii

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I see the brown logo, but there’s no message


well it could have disappeared only for him or something, use your imagination :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i found a hacker here

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No, that was Fattyman (former Vidlii mod).