[OUTDATED] Regarding the ability to reset your Escargot password

UPDATE: @valtron has resolved the situation, and password reset e-mails should be sent as normal. :slight_smile:

@valtron uses an e-mail marketing solution named MailJet, in order to send out password reset e-mails, since his deployment server platform (Google Cloud Platform) blocks the outgoing SMTP port, making the creation for a custom SMTP server solution come out of the question. And it seems that his instance of their API is being stubborn by simply not sending out e-mails any further. It has been like this for over a month, and hopefully MailJet customer support can fix his problem soon enough. Just hang in tight, everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

external mail server, not on the (main) GCP if thatโ€™s possible?

Luckily I remember my password, so I have no need of resetting it.