Osu! still has support for MSN messenger, for some odd reason


I’m wondering if osu! works with the lastest developer build of the Escargot server. I just noticed it after quitting a “noobs only” multiplayer match (trust me, i’m soon exiting 8 digits, and by that i mean i’m exiting 1 million, and soon if i play more i’ll be 7 digits)

Imagine seeing me on a contact list with the status being “osu! - Playing: wh - yes we cant (Easy)


You figured it just now out?

Anyway, considering osu! being years old it already existed in the time of WLM and Yahoo! so it makes sense.

Nowadays they also have Discord Rich Presence implemented but it isn’t toggable (except in Discord, but that’s a global setting)

osu! uses the Now Playing interface (the same as in my programs), it’s therefore kinda version independent since it doesn’t access Escargot.

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terrified face

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If we’re already at it https://osu.ppy.sh/users/8233638 ;)


also what the fuck

I am not a weeb.

If you aren’t a weeb then you shouldn’t have clicked this post.

we are all weebs

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what is a weeb?

what is a weeb?

Not @icanttellyou, apparently.

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Non-japanese people liking anime, actually urban says that “It’s a unhealthy obsession around anime”.

So i’m guessing that wasn’t the correct term.

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At least I wasn’t completely wrong then :stuck_out_tongue:

not all of them