Open-Source Skype 0.97 Clone

This Skype 0.97 clone is called Pinto!, is fully open-source (licensed under GPL v3) with a secure networking protocol (AES 256) and has an easy to setup server.

It’s getting constantly updated and features are being added onto it (right now, calls are in works), the latest feature added (as of b1.2) is scripting (ability to write scripts and extend functionality)
It’s meant as a trip back to the 2004 times of instant messaging and with a more open design (Skype 0.97 was closed source and had a single login server hosted by Skype)

If you have any questions or suggestions, put them here, on the Discord or on Github

Github: GitHub - PintoIM/Pinto: A modernish IM client inspired by Skype 0.97
Community Discord: Pinto! Community

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is there gonna be a version for macos?

linux too

I’m surprised the project is still alive

Currently, MacOS and Linux support is only possible with Wine and probably will remain like that as it uses .NET Framework for the backend, which only works on other platforms with Mono, but as Pinto! uses some win32 apis, you have to use Wine in order to get a good experience (I tried to also keep Mono support, but its not tested well)
I will keep checking and making sure Wine support is good