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I know that, this post has nothing to see with Escargot, but is a idea, why the Discourse developers don’t put a Live Chat in MessengerGeek? this can be a replacement for the MSN Messenger Chat Rooms, so the people in MessengerGeek can chat with other people live and more:

This can be a good idea?

  • Yes
  • Nope

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If anyone wants to talk with me, contact me in MSN Messenger: i’m connected and available all the days :thumbsup:


is the DM feature not good for you?


man, we’re here because we’re reviving an INSTANT MESSENGER app.
You wanna make a messenger within a messenger :v

(I don’t wanna sound rude or anything)


I agree @Maigol we are here because we want to revive msn messenger to it’s fullest. even if it’s a phone app it still is an instant messenger. sorry @Andreso2145.


@Maigol @iGiftedSpade I’m trying to say a Live Chat for MessengerGeek, because the Chat Rooms on MSN Messenger doesn’t works, that’s the question, will be a good idea a Live Chat? a chat in where all of the MessengerGeek users can chat live!

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msn messenger is live chat already. so that means another live chat such as putting it on the website would be excessive. if you would like something such as a chat room that is fine. I just think we are getting excessive with website features here for the time here. right now we’re focusing on msn messenger and AIM. there are only such much that we can do at once if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:
so for the time here we should be focusing on only some things until help finds us where it can. :smile: hopefully we can get msn messenger finished before we start on something else other than another server. I don’t want to sound rude here. :wink:


Overall, I’m for the idea of a shoutbox/chatroom on the forums.

  1. Some people here don’t/can’t use Escargot. MSN Messenger was Windows-only and it’s somewhat difficult to run it without any quirks on Linux or macOS.
  2. Public chatrooms aren’t quite the same as instant messaging. Public chatrooms are opened up to everyone, while instant messaging is just between contacts.
  3. It’s a nice distraction while we wait for more MSN-related goodness.


I like the discussion here so far. Of random interest though, I’ve had a MessengerGeek IRC/chat room open since 2012. Not many visitors since Messenger went down though.


Went on there, suprised it did not need a IRC Client to connect to it, yes I logged on.


hmmmm the chat is blocking me from connecting to it