One question about Escargot and the calls


I have a question about Escargot, when will the voice and video call system works? If Escargot can not use the original MSN calls, try to implement another but with open source, this I say because I use Escargot as the main means of communication, but I still have to use Skype to make call and video call.

If anyone want to talk to me on MSN, here is my email:


voice seems to work over at mine, however i am not sure about anyone elses… also video convos may never happen, unles we make it an actitiy.


When i call with voice, the call says, Voice call finished, without anybody of the two was hang up the call


I use the MSN 6.2 version because the 7.0 and the 7.5 version does’nt works in my PC with Windows XP: MSN 7.0 does not opens, and show the message of MSN has stopped, and MSN 7.5 when i put my email and password and i click in Login, MSN has stopped :angry:, because that i use the 6.2 version


for me voice and vídeo calls Works