Omessenger working today?

i have error 522 when want to download client. any solving or it’s dead?

edit: old version of msn working but clients website not ._.

Hello @The Today Omessenger is been for a Long Time ago since years ago. and I shouldn’t worried about O messenger software. I don’t think O messenger was not to be dead, also I have a piece of bad news for an O Messenger. O messenger is Finally dead due to this years ago. I Wouldn’t use O messenger at the same time. this now is finally ended and this is not be solved. its been Deadly.

if it dead, why servers still up?

Hi again. I Don’t know about the server but the things the server is still up but its been dead and you can no longer use O messenger due to this years. I doesn’t use O messenger at the same time. one of the things the O messenger is been dead already and still the server is still up by the way. use WLM instead or others Old msn messenger as you’d like

i don’t think so but k.


Please don’t say Misinformation. I’m Patient



but anyone maybe client site exist on new address

or anyone have clients

Hi, I Assistant that site address does not exist anymore. and I Doesn’t care of Site exist

Well, I Shouldn’t be able to use the Client the server is still up and now it is dead. the server o messenger will be closed or it will still be up on this Server at the same time, but you wouldn’t worried things facts about O Messenger. and this is what happened to O messenger

no, shit, i worried, cuz i want use it like escargot replacement (for msn versions)

So I Haven’t idea about Escargot but I Wouldn’t care about These MSN versions Because I Worried this things. O messenger is dead and the server is still up, and messenger reviver 2 is dead, and now we still have escargot to use it. The msn messenger server was so good but O Messenger was been dead already and its taken. you shouldn’t be worried this things. just be care about Escargot and others server.

than it’s not dead lol

Oh No no no, you weren’t not be understand. O messenger is dead now and the server still up. just trust me. I Haven’t to use O Messenger

sagad has been known to spread misinformation. as far as i know, omessenger is still up


true af

we should summon the owner to ban sagad from the planet earth right now


And how?

@TReKiE can you try to call the owner?

Anyway who can help me Please?