Oldies that I found and downloaded

Here is the list of the oldies that I just found:
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7 (build 2480, released on July 20, 2001)
MSN Messenger 5.0 (build 0537, released on October 24, 2002)
Yahoo! Messenger 5.5.0 (build 1214, released on August 1, 2002)
Skype (released on August 29, 2003)
ICQ 2000b (4.70 build 3286, released on October 15, 2001)
ICQ 2001b (5.15 build 3633, released on October 30, 2001)
Avast! 4.0 Home (build 143, released on December 18, 2002)
Avast! 4.0 Professional (build 143, released on December 18, 2002)

Instant messengers:
AOL Instant Messenger 4.7.2480.rar (2.0 MB)
MSN Messenger 5.0.0537.rar (1.3 MB)
Yahoo! Messenger (2.2 MB)
Skype (2.1 MB)
ICQ 2000b (4.70.3286).rar (5.2 MB)
ICQ 2001b (5.15.3633).rar (8.3 MB)

aim95.rar (2.5 MB)
MsnMsgs.rar (2.2 MB)
ICQ 2001b Beta 5.15 Build #3633 Setup.rar (3.6 MB)
skype090.rar (2.5 MB)
ymsgr_beta.rar (2.6 MB)
ICQ 2000b Beta 4.70 Build #3286 Setup.rar (5.1 MB)
setupengpro.rar (6.1 MB)
setupeng.rar (5.9 MB)


I’ve found a lot of old software also.

Why the heck oldversion tries to download two different programs with two different file sizes?
(I installed the 11MB one on a virtual machine and on Programs and Features it shows up as a program name and it’s not signed

(It’s a clean install of Windows, i also tried downloading a program on my phone and it did the same thing, so no, no viruses or some weird shit)

Thats weird that it downloads two different files also might be a better idea to switch to qbittorrent/tixati

True, but the last “good” version of μTorrent was 2.2.1 (no ADS WITH FUCKING SOUND COME ON, no mining lul) and seems like someone is taking advantage from that ecsdee