Old YouTube Layout 2005-2017

With a friend, we had the idea of Rebuilding the old YouTube layout.
You will say that Web Archive already do that stuff, but our goal is to make the old YouTube from 2005-2017 functional, with the ability to publish videos, create an account, sing in a existent account ! Etc… But we can’t do that only if we’re two. We need help !

If you want the development files : File sharing and storage made simple 37

Thanks for reading ! :stuck_out_tongue::smile:

>copy and paste of a thread made by dennisxp2006

>the mediafire link is only the main page

>"archive.org can already do that"


pls not another youtube clone

he doesn’t know how to make one

LOOOL, if he even tries it will be bad php like openMusic’s

i’m going to bet a single cent this is going to flop, or if it does actually happen, its gonna be jank

You from Antarctica?