Old Skype servers still online maybe?

Hello, im jonnyprogamer from a discord server called skype classic team, i was trying to fix the old version of skype from march 2020, it all started when i ran skype 7 on an old laptop i had and i was logged out by microsoft because i had the internet connected, so i raged a bit and decided to try doing this, over these months i always discovered something new on how skype worked, from the first discovery of the config server that gives the update screen on skype 7.20 + to finding skype login supernodes, a friend of mine also helped me on this project, now what i found is that skype goes to different list of supernodes server hardcoded into the exe itself, but with a blank database in the appdata you can make it go only to 4 supernodes that are wrote near the login servers in the exe and you can look at them in deobfuscated version of skype, the one skype was going to were and 3 other one i can’t remember now.

What i did was a reverse dns lookup and found out the dns, in april 2019 they changed the ip for that dns to another one and it is still active in 2021, the dns is working sometimes and you can reach it, the problem is that i tried changing those supernodes with a hex editor on 3.8 , 4.2, 5.5, 5.9 deobfuscated version but skype just ignores that ip, i think it is because it is not the same size as but it is shorter so you gotta move the entire ip database a bit to make it fit, if you think that you are able to help with this then you can contact me on discord.
username: jonnyprogamer#5969