Old MSN.com Design with MSN Escargot logo style 2001


That compuser that make the logo
hi,this is one of my project not finished but why not share with you
its the old MSN.com with this logo

and news of escargot and other fonctions check it out


The community of geek



xD i dont know why


That’s my logo.


ARTICLE 13 !!!


Yeah that’s your I credit you now


Here are my complaints about this site:

  1. 000webhost.
  2. It’s ripped from the Wayback Machine.
  3. Two word: broken grammar.
  4. (name_of_user).
  5. THE FUCKIN’ 2005 DESIGN!!

Overall, the site is fuckin’ shit.


I love it! Let’s use for the website!


1.Yes i have use 000webhost and ?
2.I said it was a Web Archive page
3.Sorry but in base i’m french
4.This is because i didnt make a DB (database) and there is not log in
5.yes and what ?


Thank you, thanks to comments like these comments help me to improve the site
If you want me to add functions to the site request;)


Links from the wayback machine states that this is from 2006.

MSN back in 2001 looked roughly like this

The only thing that’s changed is the inclusion of a pikachu gif.

And useless crap

And this watermark


Well yes but after the Windows XP launch it looked like this:




Anyways, this “concept”/“design” is too childish and isn’t even the correct timescale.

Also the correct title should have been “Old MSN.com Design from 2006 with MSN Escargot logo style 1999”


More like #imtoopickyaboutafansitesoisayitsgarbage

Nojus just showed you that the site looked similar to the OP’s by the time XP launched. Can you stop with your “isn’t even in the correct timescale”? :unamused:


roasting someone on messengergeek 101






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