Old mode youtube

who has lost the item for returning to the old design?

I lost it too! Sucks because I hate the new design.

but its easy to return (if you do not clean the CCleaner cookies)
Press F12 and in the console type document.cookie = document.cookie.split(' ').filter(o=>o.indexOf('PREF=')!==-1)[0].replace(';','')+'&f5=30030&f6=8;domain=.youtube.com;path=/';


I really like the new design,so I won’t bother doing that.


I’m lucky! i never switched to the new design and i still have the old one :slight_smile:

do you miss old style youtube from like 2008 and 2009


are u sure???

I still have it on Pale Moon. Since the material theme was unsupported.

also 2011 (cosmic panda)

just use this: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/34818-youtube-restore-classic with graceMonkey (Firefox) or Temper Monkey (Chrome) and yuo don’t need to bother with cookies because this will set them for you

Well, I liked the new theme, I found it very simple and fast. So I’m not going to use any of those alternatives.

t e r r i f y i n g p i c t u r e s t o p s t a r i n g a t m e

As @RioMcCloud said, i’ll stay with the new YouTube mode, i think is a lot better than the old mode, fastest, simplist and with a dark mode, still i think that isn’t better than the oldest YouTube 2008-2011 modes

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I also think the 2008-2011 look was the best ever made :stuck_out_tongue:



Anyways, i still don’t understand what is the bad thing that people watches on the new design :confused:

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I recently found that if you change the user-agent, you can get the Material Design

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i cleared cookies