Old blocked msn/windows live messenger contacts

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Hi guys, I am a newbie here so go easy on me :slight_smile:
I have a problem which I cannot find an answer to. I have deleted and blocked a few contacts back in the day when I was using msn/wlm. Those contacts are not showing in the skype blocked list. Is there anyway I can gain access to the full list of contacts that were originally blocked in msn/wlm?

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You cant see in the skype blocked list beacuse escargot dont have a connection to the original server

Hi Matyas,
thanks for the reply…hopefully escargot will gain access at some point but is there any service/program that will show the blocked contact list from MSN/WLM?
you would have thought microsoft would have migrated everything to skype but they didnt…

If you did specify to delete them from your Hotmail address book back in the day as well, then you’re out of luck. And since Microsoft treated Skype and MSN differently even before MSN’s eventual fate, any contacts and settings on your MSN wouldn’t automatically transfer to your Skype, if you even had one.

So unless you didn’t specify to also delete those blocked contacts on your Hotmail address book back then, they’re just thin air now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi oh hello
Do you remember if you did delete the contact and then block them that you could unblock and add them again though. I guess thats what I am trying to ask…is there anyway using anything that I can do that?

Well, you missed your chance, as Microsoft shut down the Messenger servers for good around May of 2017, and before then, you just had to use @TReKiE’s Messenger Reviver program and you were all set. Ever since the actual shutdown of the Messenger servers, you can’t get the chance to look at your blocked list and retrieve the affected contacts anymore.

So case in point, you’re kind of screwed. :confused:

i guess should never have deleted contact :frowning:

he is talking about Skype/originalmsnserver , not escargot :stuck_out_tongue: