[OK]How make bootable iso Windows95?

I have old computer from 1997 but floppy drive is broken

i have iso Windows 95 but not bootable because Win95 need floopy for boot from cd

How custom iso for booting setup windows 95 wihout floppy?


Someone actually made a bootable Windows 95 ISO. Here is the link: https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/10377/offer-windows-95-bootable-iso-experimental.

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NO No no
because i want french version

how custom my iso?

I think there’s only an English version.

you could modify your ISO with a bootloader but i only know how to do this with WinPE based ISOs like Vista, so i can’t help you with that

although another solution is to burn the boot disk to a USB drive, if your laptop has it (your laptop appears to be from 1997, so it may not have it)

no usb!
this computer not usb… i have only cd drive

for keyboard is ps/2 dice5 and mouse in serial port( 1997!)

Nobody has made a french version yet.

thank for people not help me!!! realy!
i find and work:
open with power iso, action>boot>add boot information

but thank for help !!!

try to use the normal french iso?

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the normal french iso is unbootable. and maxime jusr said his floppy drive is broken

Need only add in iso bootdisc floppy with poweriso for make bootable,is work.
All version and language supported,of course french too is my language native.

why not install 98se?

first off thanks for the bump
second windows 98 se was worse than FE

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Third. He’s banned like almost 3 months ago at this point