Oh boy oh boy latest firefox quantum on xp and vista!


Really cool! How did you do it?

give the download? or is april fools?

the XP screenshot looks like if it was edited from Ubuntu.
The vista one might have been a themed Windows 7 screenshot.

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Love tricking people :slight_smile:
The XP screenshot
it was connected to a linux server and streamed to xp
Yeah its 7 :wink:


Frick. :smiley:

where you got this vista theme

EDIT: beacuse im bored of my xp theme


You failed :stuck_out_tongue: Xorg Server :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not my picture anyways

Man I wish that an version of Chromium 69 gets forked and adds XP and Vista support.

laughs at the number 69

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It trows errors when compiling it to make it xp compatible :stuck_out_tongue:

That version has both the old and the new UI’s.

i’m sure you could make a naughty joke outta that but i don’t feel like it