[OBSOLETE] Bad news! AIM Phoenix is dead

Wildman’s server got knocked out, which means no more AIM for us, until then, AIM users, go sign up for Escargot MSN, thanks. RIP AIM Phoenix 2017-2018.

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this is very hard to believe , actually the server is just down




It’s real.

so , prove it

if the server is down the website will be also down , the same thing happens with escargot , lets just wait the server go back to normal and you will see


Not coming back, maybe next day (or in that case, never).

can you stop causing drama , it will be back , its not even the first time that this happens ( this already happened ALOT )

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Yahoo is down too

both use iwarg.ddns.net , so that explains alot

Ask Wildman instead of spreading rumors mate. Sure the server timed out, but that doesn’t mean its gone.


Hard to believe he didn’t have a backup. I think he said it was a separate old Core 2 he has running. I doubt that his has VS installed on that machine…

Wildman… if you still have the code, release it.

yes like Escargot!

make it worldWide

it’s back up


Latest News 7/24/2018

  • Clients 5.2 and newer can now use direct connection, however, it may only stay connected for a few moments.
  • Work on supporting proper timestamps.
  • Code logic optimizations.
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SEE , i told you that the server was just down

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