NVM Resolved

Does Someone have an version of Windows Live Messenger from 2012? im trying to find one so i can see if works with the escargot server

its unsupported, dude
when ranvir said “when wlm 2011/2012 release?”, animandoria (the owner of escargot/NINA) said “when its ready”
the reason of this because it will make sure it wont leak the release date ever.
so you have to wait
even if you try the client already before the server releases
it wont work, escargot did not prepare MSNP 13 and 14

But I’m pretty sure according to that they have mentioned some things about it in their Discord in the announcements channel
so here is what I think in early 2024

As I said previously in our Discord, an official source of Escargot news, it is being worked on and has no release date at the moment.

Attempting to connect with WLM 2012 on the production servers will not work.

You should join our Discord to be up-to-date with the news and to chat with people.

oh ok then it was just my thought it was a guess

EARLY 2024?!

Well that is in 2-7 months.

itsa guess

here its early 2024