Now Playing Spotify on WLM [Open Source]

Hey guys!


This app basically takes the music you’re listening to on spotify and sends it to Windows Live Messenger.
I know there are other apps that already do the same but they are having issues on newer systems and don’t always work well.

I tested on windows 11, 10 and 7.
I tried to run tests on XP too, but the system doesn’t perform well in a virtual machine, but I coded using a version of the .NET Framework that XP supports, so I believe it works.



Change Log


  • Initial Release


  • Improved Spotify window search.
  • Added a settings page.
  • Minimize the app to the system tray.
  • Option to add the app to Windows startup.
  • Get notified of updates.


  • Fixed spotify window detection on new versions


v1.0.0 - NowPlayingSpotify-v1.0.0.exe (35.5 KB)

v1.1.0 - NowPlayingSpotify-v1.1.0.msi (284 KB)

v1.1.1 - NowPlayingSpotify-v1.1.1.msi (284 KB)

Latest version on github


This application is Open Source and does not need any internet connection.
You can check the project code, contribute, suggest some functionality or report bugs here


it says page not found…

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sorry, the project was private, now it’s public

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Thanks Frenvius :slight_smile:

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(post deleted by author)

Can’t use it with Windows 7 Ultimate VM on Parallels.

not workin

Whoever is experiencing errors could you inform the system version, Windows Live Messenger version and Spotify version, please? so I can simulate the scenario and fix the problem

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Windows 10 Home X64
Windows Live Messenger 8.5

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windows 11 22h2, Windows Live Messenger 8.1, Spotify

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I just released a new version, could you test it please?

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I tried it and it works, thank you.

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Looks to be working for me, thank you

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