Not happy with you -TReKiE

Not happy with you

@trekie is a madlad.


Not happy with you

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Not happy with you

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classic as fuck



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please don’t do your gimiccky <p> shit.

@TReKiE should blacklist that.

Not happy with you

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Everyone has a bad day sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: But of course Trekie has the truth.

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that would most likely fuck more things up than you think

you cant. its basically a critical component for discourse and would fuck up pretty much the entire forum (i think)

They don’t mean the HTML <p> element, they mean submitting a blank reply by putting nothing but <p>

There are several possible ways to achieve blocking of the blank space posts, including re-instating the default post requirement settings of Discourse.

However, the reason why those settings were changed originally is because the alternative was worse; you had people easily finding ways to post anyway. More commonly seen as “rant rant war war” or “body unclear” messages scattered around posts in order to bypass the requirements. A blank space is almost preferable in some cases.

I may consider it for some other moderation stuff I’ve been working on as a more general thing though.


sure but why some kids including pedrox just post a blank <p> and nothing else?

i just use it in the event i get fucked by the post reqs

so <p> works in quotes too…

Everyone deslike that.

it’s a meme i think.