(not copying) never connect your escargot account in yahoo - escargot PSA

read the image:

Don’t spread misinformation.

Just ask for support on the OFFICIAL support channel on our Discord or check the Troubleshooting page on our Wiki.

That issue is very much fixable.

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you’re spreading misnformation

not you @kikoabdou

HEY! i didnt try to connect my escargot account in yahoo dude, BECAUSE I JUST MADE A NINA ACCOUNT YO?!


this dosent help because escargot is very sleepy :skull:
why dont you just delete this goofy ahh comment :skull: :skull:
this is not fixable as hell :skull: :skull: :skull:

“animadoria” is mispelling fixes because sometimes, escargot becomes sleepy
i have a better sulotion and its easy too:

1.(sulotion by mina) reinstall windows so this will make everything into default

2.if you just dont want to reinstall windows, try it in another pc

3.you can also use “virtualbox”, because this virtual machine also makes msn escargot to work. others might not.

4.make a new account

5.if you cant make a new account but your are phobited, try contacting escargot and tell him just to make a new account by himself due to account corrupt

  1. since i aplogized @Animadoria, her sulotions are working, srry @Animadoria

ps @Animadoria it was just a joke, i am sorry

okay fine animadoria, but im not spreading misinformation
just very sorry

Animadoria is a man.

sorry again
that was the profile picture bruh