Noggy Shield 3.0 Release!

Yeah boy!! After a long time, here comes the (probably)final vesion of Noggy Shield, a program(or should I say script for Messenger Plus! version 4) that makes your WLM experience a safer place!

Now with 100% less “setup.exe” bull$#¡t.
Just download and double-click this file: Noggy Shield 3.plsc (860 Bytes)
and you’re good to go! No need of Control+C for the program to recognize the link, everything in real time :slight_smile:

(if you recieve a link and the script doesn’t recognize it inmediately, please contact me by personal message and I’ll update it.)

You will need to install WLM 8 or above and Messenger plus! Live (version 4) . That means Windows XP and below users can’t install it: / sorry

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the existence of these fantastic people:
@anon50801480 (original idea), @Deathlife23 (motivation to do it) and @TReKiE and @Patchou for helping me with the code. Big thanks to you, guys!! :smiley: :smiley:


-Maigol :3


Windows says "Windows can’t open this file:…"
How can I run it? Thanks!

You need Messenger Plus! Live.

Great job, Maigol!

Make a translator script


I already put version 3.0 on GitHub. To view the versions, go to the page clicking here.

That already exists

nice! it had been a while since we last saw a new Plus! add-on :smiley:


You forgot to put @Andreso2145 o_o

You helped with NG 1.0 and 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

And I aint stopping :sunglasses: I have another plugin more in mind to make

now make a stuck out tongue counter plugin.

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Thank you @Maigol it’s really appreciated. it’s working awesomely :heart_exclamation:


And later @Maigol will do another Plug-In, and later @Maigol will finally before the end of 2017, have 3.452 Plug-Ins created :stuck_out_tongue: (Ok, no)



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