No msn webpage theme for you lol


yellows111 with Deathlife23 has created the MSN theme for your website, well, download it here: EDIT: For problems with DeathLife23, i can’t publish it, so, nope!
So, the theme needs more fixes, but is really good, i created the website with that theme! :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone wants to contact me, do it via MSN Messenger:


I didnt say to upload it…


no the theme is perfect, it’s just your HTML editor.


Nope, the theme has some restrictions, and in the white part i need to put a background, and i need to do some modifications because i was too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:


about the table background, I forgot to add 1px-vert-stretch.gif…


connect to MSN, NOW


i like this new title lol, i think it matches the actual problem.



@Megadeth58 @Deathlife23 @yellows111 changed domain to


Go to, i changed the URL.


your website still looks unformatted in places


1: I’m busy, so i cannot work too much on the website

2: Like i say like a million of times, i need a advanced version of the theme ‘-’


1: always happens -_-
2: no lol


1: I don’t know what to put

2: Yes, lel


1: get a better HTML editor and learn what a HTML table is
2: no


I cannot modify too much the HTML tables, i only can change color and position, but i cannot put background


1: it’s called CSS, it’s also called “ever heard of limiting a thing so it’s minimal?”


Well, let’s stop, i’m busy :stuck_out_tongue: