[NO JOKE] For some reason microsoft is inviting me to some projects that they are making

idk why but yes they are

i received this today in my PERSONAL gmail (not even my hotmail email that i use)

when my dad saw the notification, he was shocked, especially when i’m already participating in Project xCloud, but, eh (tbh i kinda think my parents are way too “proud” of me lol)

if they actually did notice this, then…


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No, it’s just telling you to learn about C# 9.0 and .NET 5.0, since it thinks you are into programming.

ye tbh i dont think i should be “that” shocked, but like, i should have atleast received this in my hotmail, not my gmail




1.No you aren’t famous or anything
2.It seems that this is really just more of an ad for their stuff that was likely wrongly targeted. Seriously, the topic of this thread is over-exaggerated.


And guess what, I received the same e-mail in my inbox, since I’m in the Dev Essentials thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol i get that too.
But i’m learning some stuff like: Text Editor

you got sent that because you probably subscribed to the dev essentials thing


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They don’t know that you can’t use Visual Studio 2019 C# 9.0 or .NET 5.0


it depends with what e-mail you signed up to receive them :stuck_out_tongue:

and then there is me that keep receiving mails of “developers” that want to work on a project with me, bruh.

I also get various variants of this particular type of spam regularly. I understand that they’re just mass mailers, but I find it really hard to believe that those who have the technical expertise to understand what they’re talking about would ever seek to do business with someone who filled their email box with spam (and is likely a scammer).