Nintendo DS OST Sequence extraction

I have managed to extract a few songs from a few different Nintendo DS games. The sequences have also been converted to midi, and the soundsets have been converted to SF2. If you want to import them into a DAW, just import the midi and set the soundfont to the corresponding SF2 file. To get it to sound exactly like it does on the Nintendo DS, DO NOT change the banks. Due to the goofy way SEGA put together the music for Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure, the midis may sound out of tune, or just down right broken until you use the corresponding soundfonts.
NOTE: These midis will all sound odd or broken (Some worse than others). They WILL sound better with their corresponding soundfonts applied!
Here is a list of them:

Sonic Rush:

Metal Scratchin’ (Boss Theme): (965.1 KB)

Wrapped In Black (Extra Zone Boss Theme): (966.7 KB)

A New Day (Main Theme): (1.2 MB)

Sonic Rush Adventure:

Boss: (2.8 MB)

Pokemon Black:

Low HP: (562.8 KB)

Emotion: (599.9 KB)

LAST (Can’t remember when this plays): (595.5 KB)

MOVEPOKE?: (830.3 KB)

Battle! N: (567.7 KB)

Battle! Team Plasma Grunt: (929.6 KB)

Star Fox: Command:

Star Wolf: (5.0 MB)

Sequence 61 (Presumed to be a level complete theme): (5.0 MB)

Sequence 69 (I recognise it, but can’t remember when it plays, presumed to be Star Fox’s theme, or the main theme): (5.0 MB)

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I had put the wrong file for the adventure midi. Disregard the Metal Scratchin’ mp3 file.
here is the midi that should be there
SEQ_boss.mid (14.8 KB)

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